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Salina IOM is the best-selling and most imitated saline solution. Sterilized and buffered containing a bacteriostatic, it is indicated for rinsing all types of contact lenses, for thermal disinfection of all types of soft contact lenses and for dissolving enzyme tablets.


The Focus Dailies All Day Comfort are very comfortable daily contact lenses, ideal for those who approach contact lenses for the first time.


SofLens daily disposable clear and crisp vision even at night and comfort throughout the day


With a humectant system, which is released with each blink, for a fresh comfort that lasts all day. For the correction of myopia and hyperopia.


Experience the feeling of freshness and comfort of a lens just put on even at the end of the day.

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AOsept Plus is a maintenance solution for contact lenses that contains 3% hydrogen peroxide.

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To increase the comfort in the use of contact lenses, Bausch & Lomb has created the new Renu MPS Sensitive Eyes solution. 


Dailies AquaComfort PLUS MULTIFOCAL


Pemag Plus 2 is a unique solution indicated for chemical (non-thermal) disinfection, daily cleaning, elimination of protein deposits, lubrication, rinsing and storage of all types of soft contact lenses. A practical maintenance system.

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ReNu MultiPlus Single Solution keeps your lenses hydrated and clean and you will almost feel like wearing a new pair every day.


The improved oxygen permeability of the Proclear 1 days guarantees optimized comfort for 12 hours after wearing.

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Safilens silicone lenses. Completely Italian.